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Peplum mad

30 Sep

Has anyone else gone Peplum Mad? I sure have! I love the way the peplum is adding a sense of womanly curves to an age whereby most outfits seem to be trying to make us all look like stick insects.

In absolute LOVE with this stunner from Versace… WOW WOW WOW!

Add a touch of femininity to your work look with a peplum detailed blazer.

Found this gorgeous wee Sanchu Peplum Skirt online… can’t wait for it to arrive!

 ❤ Linda


Tony Bianco Heels

28 Sep

Tony Bianco is an Australian based shoe company that not only makes beautiful shoes but they are also affordable and extremely comfortable! I have rather skinny feet so finding heels that manage to hold my foot in place so that my toes don’t slide all the way down to the pavement was a miracle. And when you are on to a good thing you stick to it. I am pretty sure I now have about 8 pairs of Tony Bianco shoes… and when the shoe buying urge hits me (as it often does) the Tony Bianco website is my first point of call.

Some of my faves at the moment:

Brydie in Black Suede. I have this beauty on pre order at the moment. A staple for this summer I feel!

Shani in fudge monaco/burnish finish. I want these! I have quite a few neutral toned wedges at the moment however so I am trying to figure out a way of convincing myself that these are still a necessity…

Ajana points in white. I am loving the white points all over the fashion pages at the moment. I am seriously considering these as my next purchase.

❤ Linda

Thin Gold Stacked Rings

28 Sep

In LOVE with this current trend of stacked thin gold rings. Gives a very boho/gypsy feel to any outfit and with summer encroaching fast it is a definite MUST addition to my daily wardrobe.

I have had a little look through and I managed to find some great little numbers for sale…

This 7 band gold ring has a rustic hammered effect.

A 3 tone, 3 band ring is a great little difference to the straight all gold look.

LOVING Chevrons at the moment. This above the knuckle gold chevron ring encompasses both trends in one. Gorgeous!

❤ Linda

Work it.

28 Sep

Love this outfit for work. Simple, chic yet still youthful and feminine. I think sometimes we try too hard to fit into the ‘corporate mould’ and look far too aged and masculine in the process.

❤ Linda

Army Jacket – Emerson Fry

28 Sep

I have found the perfect Jacket! Army style is so very in right now and Emerson Fry has got it right. Team this little beauty with some dark jeans/leggings, a simple tee and boots. Thank me later.

❤ Linda

Neon Jeans for Summer

28 Sep

Just purchased these beauties from J Brand for Summer! Love that I can wear them causally with a Grey Tee and sandals during the day and then bring them into the night by simply slipping on some nude heels. Now I just need the tan!

The First Post…

28 Sep

I started my first blog about a couple of weeks ago and I got hooked! 

The focus of my first blog is on my life and finding passion within each and every day ( … And what I quickly learnt is that my fashion and style is a BIG part of my daily enjoyment. I literally lose hours daily scouring through pinterest, fashion blogs and my new fave…. Polyvore. So I thought why not put these ‘wasted’ hours to a more productive use… cue: Starting my very own fashion blog.

I’m no stylist or fashion editor… I’m just a girl who has a specific taste and style, who loves fashion, and who is willing to spend her own time posting random blogs about what I wear to whoever wants to play dress ups with me!

❤ Linda