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Tony Bianco Heels

28 Sep

Tony Bianco is an Australian based shoe company that not only makes beautiful shoes but they are also affordable and extremely comfortable! I have rather skinny feet so finding heels that manage to hold my foot in place so that my toes don’t slide all the way down to the pavement was a miracle. And when you are on to a good thing you stick to it. I am pretty sure I now have about 8 pairs of Tony Bianco shoes… and when the shoe buying urge hits me (as it often does) the Tony Bianco website is my first point of call.

Some of my faves at the moment:

Brydie in Black Suede. I have this beauty on pre order at the moment. A staple for this summer I feel!

Shani in fudge monaco/burnish finish. I want these! I have quite a few neutral toned wedges at the moment however so I am trying to figure out a way of convincing myself that these are still a necessity…

Ajana points in white. I am loving the white points all over the fashion pages at the moment. I am seriously considering these as my next purchase.

❤ Linda


The First Post…

28 Sep

I started my first blog about a couple of weeks ago and I got hooked! 

The focus of my first blog is on my life and finding passion within each and every day ( … And what I quickly learnt is that my fashion and style is a BIG part of my daily enjoyment. I literally lose hours daily scouring through pinterest, fashion blogs and my new fave…. Polyvore. So I thought why not put these ‘wasted’ hours to a more productive use… cue: Starting my very own fashion blog.

I’m no stylist or fashion editor… I’m just a girl who has a specific taste and style, who loves fashion, and who is willing to spend her own time posting random blogs about what I wear to whoever wants to play dress ups with me!

❤ Linda